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Allow Us To Take You From “HELLO” To “YES”

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30-Video Modules (15-30 minutes/day)

Have you ever experienced a pushy salesperson who had an agenda and made you feel extremely uncomfortable inside of a sales process? Did you immediately think that you never want to be perceived like this aggressive person?

Did this experience make you associate negativity with sales?

The reason why UNBLINDED Influence Mastery is so effective because it becomes a new way of operating in sales meetings and also in life. You will learn the 4 Step Communication Model surrounded by the 10 Indispensable Elements and 4 Energies during this 30-Day to Influence Mastery Program which will make your sales process fun, exciting, and magical.

Unblinded 6 Month Mastery Program
Influence Mastery 30 Video Modules
Transcriptions Of Each Module With Note-Take Ability

We provide the exact transcriptions from each 15-30 minute module so that you can take your own notes, reinforce specific golden nuggets, and anything else that you desire.

Our students have told us that the transcriptions greatly enhance their experience as they provide a way to access the specific terminology used in the training modules.

And remember, you can take as many or as few notes as you desire within each module.

Private Community For Students

One of the greatest benefits of this program is the community because not only are the people absolutely beyond special, but they are also inside of the same formula that you are about to learn. This means they understand influence and they are acutely aware how to deploy this superpower with integrity. Show up in the community with any question and someone will be present to offer support. You can post images, videos, surveys and more and we guarantee you will yearn to login daily to see what is new and exciting!

Unblinded 6 Month Mastery Program
Influence Mastery 30 Video Modules
Role-Play Modules To See Influence Mastery In Action!

Seeing is believing and we have found that seeing is also the single greatest way to learn influence mastery. In each module, Sean Callagy, the Formulator of Integrity-Based Human Influence, works with Fernando Valencia, the UNBLINDED apprentice for the sake of this program, to help you see what you would not typically see in a sales process. The back-and-forth of Fernando and Sean create real-life access points for you and help you learn and digest the information being shared.

We guarantee that the role-plays will prove to be a great resource for you as you begin your journey to Influence Mastery.

Ecosystem Merging x 1,000

What if we were to tell you that Networking is broken?

Networking is transactional…
Networking is superficial…
Networking is a waste of time…

But what is not any of the above is Merging Ecosystems.

Trust us, you want to merge ecosystems at the highest level and UNBLINDED will show you the way and is most likely the perfect ecosystem for you!

Unblinded 6 Month Mastery Program
Influence Mastery 30 Video Modules
Access To The UNBLINDED Huddle (Monday-Friday)

The most important thing we want you to realize is that you have officially found your “home.” You are part of something much bigger than any one person, and instead, this is a movement of like-minded people who are committed to making the world a better place to live, operate, and exist by deploying Integrity-Based Human Influence.

Whether you are a teacher, preacher, attorney, accountant, sales professional, health professional, carpenter, doula, network marketer, parent or anything in between, learning how to take people from “HELLO” to “YES” with less friction, less frustration, and in less time is essential.

Our goal with the UNBLINDED Huddle is to be a catalyst for each and everyday!

Take A Look At What Our Students Are Saying About UNBLINDED

Jack Canfield

Best Selling Author and Speaker and America's Success Coach

I’m tired of getting to that part where I am on stage…all of a sudden I’m feeling like I’m shifting into another mode which I don’t like…I’ve taken a lot of sales classes. Most of which never felt quite right…I wanted it to be able to produce the kind of results that are possible that I hear about with this program and do it in a way that is comfortable and in alignment with my essence, my integrity, and my authentic being.

Nate Zeleznick

CEO & Chairman at The Vibravision Foundation

I'm finding more and more that the Unblinded program will be the best investment I've ever made in myself and my Team. When it comes time to change our addresses (end of physical existence), we all know that we cannot take our physical possessions with us. What we take is our knowledge, our impact, our experiences, our love, and we leave our legacy. I highly recommend this program for everyone.

Tyler Labrador

Solution Provider, Force For Good, and Change-maker Entrepreneur

Best money spent. Ever. This program will yield the highest ROI of my life. Not even finished with the first few modules and I have so many pages filled with notes and distinctions. Love going deeper and deeper into the content. Thank you to everyone for showing up 100% and for all your hard work! I highly encourage and recommend everyone to sign up for this program ASAP. We are better together!

Allow Us To Take You From “HELLO” To “YES”

Sign Up Today For Only $997 (or $300/month for 4 months) And Give One Membership For FREE!

(Special Arrangements Can Be Made When Two People Are Ready To Sign Up Together - Call Us At 863-862-5463)

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Take A Look At A Sample Module!

Seeing What You Don't See About The Fun, Excitement, and Magic Of Exponentially Growing Your Sales

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Take A Look At What Our Students Are Saying About UNBLINDED

The 4-Steps Of Communication

  • The History Of The Formula
  • What Is The Formula
  • Overview of Influence Mastery
  • Step One: Creation of Emotional Rapport
  • Role-Play of Emotional Rapport
  • Step Two: Pain and “Yes” Strategy
  • Role-Play of Pain and “Yes” Strategy
  • Step Three: Unique Identity
  • Role-Play of Unique Identity
  • Step Four: Agreement Formation
  • Role-Play of Agreement Formation
  • Recap Of The 4 Steps Of Communication

The 10-Indispensable Elements

  • What Are The Indispensable Elements
  • Indispensable Element #1: Love
  • Indispensable Element #2: Matching and Mirroring
  • Indispensable Element #3: Triad of Congruence
  • Indispensable Element #4: Question Mastery
  • Indispensable Element #5: Level 5 Listening
  • Indispensable Element #6: Energetic and Emotional Transportation
  • Indispensable Element #7: Acknowledgment
  • Indispensable Element #8: Validation
  • Indispensable Element #9: Scarcity
  • Indispensable Element #10: Reciprocity
  • Recap Of The 10 Indispensable Elements

The 4 Energies

  • Overview of The Energies
  • Energy #1: Aspirational Energy
  • Energy #2: Goddess Energy
  • Energy #3: Zeus Energy
  • Energy #4: Fun/Party Energy
  • Recap Of The 4 Energies

Take A Look At What Our Students Are Saying About UNBLINDED

Chinwe Esimai

Corporate Attorney and Author

I want to acknowledge the entire UNBLINDED team for launching this movement! For your willingness to learn, grow, and give, and be an amazing force for good! All with a sense of humor, the highest level of positivity, heart, and the best of attitudes! This program is absolutely life-changing and I learn something new each time I dig into the training. YOU FREAKING ROCK!

Jefferey Hargan

Functional Medicine

The examples you are setting are so real that I cannot deny its authentic value. I am a person who is sensitive to energy and has a good discernment of character. From the moment I started this program, I noticed that every instructor is absolutely brilliant and is giving their all. They all come from a place of integrity which is impossible to find in the world of sales. I am eternally grateful! Thank you is an understatement.

Chiropractor and Author

Solution Provider, Force For Good, and Change-maker Entrepreneur

This program is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Each time I review a module, I am seeing things that I never saw before and I am able to implement immediately. The investment in this program is absolutely nothing compared to what I have gained and I encourage all business owners (and people) to say YES to UNBLINDED and complete the 30-Days to Influence Mastery starting TODAY!

Allow Us To Take You From “HELLO” To “YES”

Sign Up Today For Only $997 (or $300/month for 4 months) And Give One Membership For FREE!

(Special Arrangements Can Be Made When Two People Are Ready To Sign Up Together - Call Us At 863-862-5463)

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