UNBLINDED Results Formula

In the business world, we’ve come to expect untrusting behavior from sales prospects. UNBLINDED will open your mind and eyes to “integrity-based human influence,” which will show you how to interact and connect with people on an entirely different level to open the gates of trust and move people to action.

There Are Three Pillars In The UNBLINDED Results Formula And 1,000’s Of Key Distinctions

Influence Mastery

Learn How To Take People From “HELLO” To “YES” With Less Friction, Less Frustration, And In Less Time
Have you ever experienced a pushy salesperson who had an agenda and made you feel extremely uncomfortable inside of a sales process?

Did you immediately think that you never want to be perceived like this aggressive person?

Did this experience make you associate negativity with sales? 

The reason why UNBLINDED Influence Mastery is so effective is that it becomes a new way of operating in sales meetings and also in life. It is built on top of a human technology over 20 years old called Integrity Based Human Influence. 

This way of operating and communicating consists of the 4 Step Communication Model surrounded by the 10 Indispensable Elements and 4 Energies. The energies and indispensable elements must always be present throughout the “hello to yes” process for the most optimal result for both sides.

Process Mastery

Learn The Steps Needed To Predictably Get Your Desired Outcome As You Influence People To YES

Even the most talented sales professionals often struggle with process mastery, as this is where high levels of organization and clarity are essential to master this critical piece of the sales process. 

We break down process mastery into two categories including Business Process and Marketing Process. It is important to find natural overlaps between each to ensure efficient and effective transference of opportunity.

On the Business Process side, there are 4 key areas including Modeling, Time Blocking, Innovation, Measuring and Monitoring. Learning how to deploy Business Process Mastery into your business successfully is a game-changer because it creates the rituals and skills required for success.

In addition, Marketing Process Mastery enables you to create 1+1=Trillion relationships as this part of UNBLINDED is 100% focused on ecosystem merging, which is the single greatest way to develop WIN-WIN-WIN outcomes.


Get Yourself To Consistently Zone Act, Which Is The Most Efficient Action Step You Can Take In Any Given Moment
Self Mastery is the ability to get yourself to take Zone Action for you to achieve your outcomes. Self Mastery is your ability to influence yourself in your thoughts, actions, emotions, and state. It also requires that you maintain your true self and your integrity while not losing sight of your outcome.

REMINDER— Zone Action is the most energized and efficient action step that you can take NOW that will drive your outcome forward that will have the most significant impact.

The genius of UNBLINDED Self-Mastery is that the process will help you tap into  your true identity, but the benefits are even bigger. Everything is focused on preparing you for successful sales meetings whether they are 1-on-1 or 1-on-many. 

As you make distinctions within UNBLINDED Self Mastery, we encourage you to apply this new sense of awareness to all areas of your life, so that your sales dramatically increase while your legacy becomes even stronger.  

Let’s Tie It All Together!

UNBLINDED Results Formula is hands down the most effective way to take people from “HELLO” to “YES” with less friction, with less frustration, and in less time. 
This is real, and this is not just about your sales. This is about your life and legacy.

There are thousands of distinctions that you will learn as a result of immersing yourself into UNBLINDED and we are constantly innovating and iterating on the formula that has been established. 

Integrity Based Human Influence is for everyone, whether you are in a sales environment or not, because influence is the key to making progress, even when it’s applied to yourself. 

UNBLINDED will teach you the incredible power of, and how to masterfully with integrity create, the deepest level of emotional rapport and leave the other person with the greatest gift you could ever give: the feeling of truly being seen and heard by you.

But we don’t stop there…

We know that when people say “YES,” their transformation begins. We will ensure that you have all of the integrity-based tools and strategies needed to get this outcome. 

Our belief is that if people are better with you than without you, then anything and everything is on the table to get to “YES,” which is why UNBLINDED is a utility in your business and life. 

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