Unblinded Mastery Program

The #1 Way To Make More Money, In Less Time, And With More Magic

What if...
  • There was a way to sell that felt RIGHT?
  • You were able to remain in INTEGRITY when selling?
  • There was a predictable way to the ideal outcome?
  • Sales was fun, exciting, and magical?
What if the UNBLINDED Mastery Program delivered all of this and so much more?!

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Take a Look At What's Included

Unblinded 6 Month Mastery Program
  • ✔Weekly 90-Minute Immersive Virtual Training
  • ✔ 3-Months Of Influence Mastery, 1-Month Of Process Mastery, 1-Month Of Self-Mastery, 1-Month Of Integration Mastery
  • ✔ Unlimited Access To Previous Modules Inside The UNBLINDED University
  • ✔ 2 Full-Day In-Person ImmersiveTrainings On Influence And Execution Planning
  • ✔ Private Community For All Members To Collaborate, Share, And Grow
  • ✔ Facilitated Accountability Group With Four People
  • ✔ Unlimited Q&A Sessions With Trainers
  • ✔ Ecosystem Merging x 1,000,000
  • ✔ Mastery Of Integrity-Based Human Influence!

Allow Us To Take You From “HELLO” To “YES”

What If You Were In The RIGHT Place At The RIGHT Time RIGHT Now ?!

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Meet Your UNBLINDED Trainers

Sean Callagy

Sean Callagy

Chief Visionary Officer
Jared Yellin

Jared Yellin

Chief Executive Officer
Adam Gugino

Adam Gugino

Chief Revenue Officer
Fernando Valencia

Fernando Valencia

Chief Co-Creation Officer


  • ✔ Insane Financial Model
  • ✔ Extra 30-Days Of Accountability Coaching
  • ✔ Proven Marketing Model
  • ✔ Coaching Program And Local Ecosystem Merger Groups
  • ✔ 7th Month Of Integration And Assessments
  • ✔ Business In A Box
Unblinded 6 Month Mastery Program
(Valued At $2,500/Person After The UNBLINDED Sales Mastery Immersion)

We Invite You To Become An Official Part Of Our Movement By Saying “YES” To The UNBLINDED Sales Mastery

You Are Better With Us Than Without Us - Let's Do This!

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"You can receive a full refund as long as you email billing@UnblindedMastery.com by March 3rd, 2020. The only requirement to get a refund is that you complete all modules during the month of February ."

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Unblinded Mastery Program

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Unblinded Mastery Program


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